“Doublethink”, composed by Sean Nelson, and recorded by the One O’Clock Lab Band on their album “Lab 2011″. The title, Doublethink, comes from the George Orwell novel, 1984.

“‘Doublethink’ (1984 lives on) is well crafted by Sean, and it swings nicely through ever-changing textures.”

-Bob Curnow, composer/arranger, IAJE Hall of Fame, Owner of Sierra Music Publications, Inc.

“Freaks in Mayberry”, composed by Sean Nelson, performed by the Coast Guard Big Band

22939100f“Just Friends”, arranged by Sean Nelson, recorded by the Two O’Clock Lab Band, on the album “Under the Radar”, directed by Jay Saunders.

“Lead trombonist Sean Nelson starts his chart off as an exercise in Bill Holman (any complaints?), then takes it his own direction. The Holman lesson of swinging to the end is not lost, however. Once again, Dustin Mollick and Dan Cron provide the horn solos and the rhythm section steals the show.”

-Jay Saunders, director, Two O’Clock Lab Band

23468100f“Well, You Needn’t”, arranged by Sean Nelson, recorded by the U-Tubes jazz trombone ensemble on their self-titled album.

8 trombones (6 tenors and 2 basses), plus a guitar, piano, bass and drums. What more could you ask for?!?

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